Mon,Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Morning by Appointments only

Mon- Fri
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Sat - 11:00 am - 9 pm
Potluck Prasadam @1:30 PM

Sun - 11:00 am - 8 pm
Potluck  Prasadam @ 1:30 PM

Regular Vishnu Aarti
Weekdays between 8 - 8:30 pm
Weekends @ 1:00 - 1:30 pm  &
7 - 7:30pm

Regular Navagraha
Abhishekam on
Saturday's @ 11:30 AM

Sainatha Abhishekam & Aarthi
Thursday @ 7pm &
Sunday @ 11:30am
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Hindu Temple of Madison also known as
Mandir of Madison aims to create a
spiritual and religious awareness in the
community of Madison, WI and nearby

Volunteers are always welcome. Please
contact the mandir at:

Any suggestions are also welcome at:
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NON-Mandir Events
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Mandir Sponsors
Maharaja Gorcery &
Liquor (EAST)

Bombay Bazar

Taj India Restaurant

Swagat Indian Cuisine

India House

Swagat Indian Grocery

To become a sponsor
call the Mandir at
Saibaba Aarti Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, Friday
and Saturday @ 6:30 PM

Thursday @ 7 PM

Sunday @
11:30 AM (Abhishekam)
and 6:30 PM
Highlighted Event of the Month:

2014 April month Special Pujas:@ Mandir of Madison

Monday April 14th :

  • Happy Tamil New Year & Varalaxmi Puja @ Mandir of Madison - 6pm to 7 pm (flyer)
  • Purnima Satyanarayan Katha with Ganeshji,Navagraha & Satyanarayanaji Abhishek Puja & katha
  • followed by pot luck prasadam

Thursday April 17th:

  • Special clebration of NINE WEEKS KATHA PURNAHUTI & Maha Prasadam

Friday April 18th :

  • Sankatharan Chaturthi
  • Lord Ganesh Abhishekam & Puja
  • Potluck prasadam

Saturday April 19th

  • Tamil new year Celebration Lord Subramanium Abhishekam 11:30 am
  • Hanuman Jayanthi Celebration 108 Doha ramayan recitation Starts 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
  • Mandir will close @ 4 pm for GMATA New year Celebrations.

Sunday April 20th

  • Sainatha abhishekam by priest Gopalji, Bhajan, Palki followed by Aarthi & potluck Prasadam.

Maha Shivaratri Celebration at Mandir of Madison

New 2014 Mandir of Madison Calendar
Available at your Favorite Madison Grocery Store
Or at the Mandir
Recommended Donation $5
Mandir 2014 Daily Schedule
Mondays @ 7PM
Rudra Abhishekam - Shiva Ashtotram, Archana & Aarthi

Tuesdays @ 7PM
Anjanaya Abhishekam, Ashtotram, Archana, Aarthi & Prasad

Wednesdays @ 7PM
Vishnu Abhishekam & Sahasranam, Archana, Aarthi & Prasad

Thursdays @ 7PM
Sainatha Aarthi & Abhishekam

Fridays @ 7PM
Durga Mata Abhishekam & Lalitha Sahasranam Parayanam

@ 11:00 AM - Navagraha Abhishekam, Path Parayan,
Aarthi & potluck prasadam
@ 4:00 PM - Shri Govinda Namavali

Sundays @ 11:30AM
Aditya Hirdayam (Surya Sammohik Path Parayan)

Sainatha Aarthi & Abhishekam
  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturday & Sunday @ 6:30 PM
  • Thursday, @ 7 pm Abhishekam , Bhajan, Aarthi & Prasadam

  • For weekend & holidays pujas at your home or the mandir:  please
    contact: 608-345-1630/608-217-2060/608-825-9200
  • All the pujas are conducted by the mandir priest.

  • Priest Gopalji speaks 5 languages: (English, Hindi, Sanskrit,
    Bengali & Orria).

To consult Patri/Kundali please call Priest &
Astrologer Gopal Shastriji
@608-345-1630 for an appointment.

  • Surya Namaskar - Aarogyam homam @ the Mandir, for you, your
    family & friends.
  • Satayanarayan Katha is available at the mandir as well.
  • For further details please contact the mandir priest.   

  • If you are interested in sponsoring Prasadam (bring your own or
    caterer available), please call:
  • Manju Auntie @  608-239-3363
  • Gauri @  608-663-0883
  • Jyotsna @  414-688-2131
  • If you are interested in organizing an event on the mandir
    premises please contact: Sanket Shah @ 434-229-9332
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Lord Ayyappa
Monthly Pooja for Lord
Sunday March 30th
11:30 am by Priest
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Membership Form
At Mandir
Guidelines for Offerings:

Devotees can bring Milk (Vit D), Yogurt, Honey and Rose Water
and a suggested contribution of $21 towards Abhishek/Pooja.

Flowers/Garland for all the Deities:
Devotees can bring  fresh flowers
or a suggested contribution of $11.

Pooja Items and Fruits
Devotees can offer:
a.   Sesame Oil, Ghee, Almond Oil
b.   Fresh Fruits, Dry Fruits, Almonds, Raisins
or  a suggested contribution of $21 towards Pooja items.

Maha Prasadam (Annadanam)
Devotees can offer:
a.     Fresh cooked prasad (please no garlic and onion)
b.    Sweets
c.     Dry prasad items - Suji (cream of wheat), Coarse Suji  Halwa,
Butter/Ghee, Sugar, Raisins, Rice, Dhal (Lentils), Whole Wheat Flour,
Fresh Vegetables, Spices (Jeera, Sambhar powder, tumeric, coriander
powder, Swad noodles

Deities clothes are changed every month
Devotees can offer:
a.   Silk /Chiffon Sarees
b.   Dhoti material - White/Beige wrinkle free cotton
c.   Shawl/Uparani or a suggested contribution of $51 or $101 towards
Note: Contributions goes Deities clothes made in India as well.

Misc Items:
Devotees can offer:
a.   Paper towels
b.   Paper plates and cups
c.   Spoons and napkins
3393 Burke Road
Sun Prairie, WI-53590

Mandir:     608 825 9200
Priest:       608 217 2060
Volunteer: 608 239 3363
Driving Directions:

-Take Exit# 100 (Reiner Rd)
from  US-151.
-Go South on Reiner Rd to Burke Rd.
-Mandir is at the intersection of Reiner and
Burke Rd

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