Hindu Temple of Madison also known as Mandir of Madison aims to create a spiritual and religious awareness in the community of Madison, WI and nearby areas.
Latest updates
Volunteers are always welcome. Please contact the mandir at:  volunteers@mandirofmadison.org.
Any suggestions are also welcome at: hindutemple@mandirofmadison.org
Friday Jan. 30th Bhishma Ekadashi ; (Every Friday) Weekly Lalitha Sahasranam
Saturday Jan. 31st Pradosham: Lord shiva Abhishekam @ 5: pm
Monday Feb.2nd Satyanarayan (Sammohik) Vratam Katha @ 7 pm
Tuesday Feb. 3rd Satyanarayan ( Samoohik)Vratam Katha @ 7 pm
To Book your Katha pl. call Mandir office 825-9200 or Priest 217-2060